EnteGreat’s Werum PAS-X Services

PAS-X Training

EnteGreat is Werum’s North American partner for delivery of certified PAS-X Basic Training.  Since 2006, EnteGreat has been conducting open-enrollment and client site-based PAS-X training courses across North America and Europe. EnteGreat’s PAS-X training instructors have been certified by Werum, have extensive hands-on PAS-X project experience, and have trained Werum personnel. EnteGreat also provides PAS-X MBR Author and PAS-X Administration training courses. Learn more


PAS-X Readiness Assessment

EnteGreat is Werum’s exclusive North American partner for PAS-X Readiness Assessments which help clients prepare for PAS-X projects by comprehensively evaluating their readiness to perform a PAS-X project. The Readiness Assessment offering helps clients to proactively manage the risks associated with MES / EBR projects, verify their PAS-X project plans, and secure appropriate resources to successfully execute a PAS-X project. Learn more


PAS-X Project Services

These services are a suite of best practices which complement PAS-X technology to drive the process, operational and organizational change management aspects of a PAS-X project so that clients can accelerate the business benefits of their PAS-X investment. EnteGreat’s PAS-X Project Support Services include systems validation, SOP modification, data migration, integration to enterprise and plant-level systems, recipe conversion / configuration, training program definition and implementation, as well as change management. Learn more


 PAS-X Training Program Development

EnteGreat has developed a comprehensive library of content (Training Program Model, Role-based Training Course PowerPoint presentations, User Guides, Reference Sheets, Governance Plan, etc.) to support PAS-X training programs. These materials provide a significant starting point and are rapidly adapted to suit client-specific requirements (organization structure, roles / responsibilities, manufacturing processes, system functionality / customization, etc.). This approach leverages best practices and dramatically accelerates the formation of a comprehensive PAS-X training program for any client. Learn more


 PAS-X / SAP Integration

EnteGreat is an acknowledged leader in the field of SAP to plant systems integration. EnteGreat’s extensive SAP implementation and integration skills are complemented by our long-standing participation in various industry groups dedicated to manufacturing systems integration (such as the ISA-95 Committee).


PAS-X MBR Validation & Change Control Acceleration

EnteGreat has created a suite of utilities and methods to automate and streamline the PAS-X MBR validation and change control processes.  These utilities dramatically reduce the validation effort for PAS-X MBRs and master data while reducing validation errors, thereby shortening project schedules and reducing staffing while accelerating time to ROI for our customers.  Additionally, these utilities and methods streamline the change control process for MBRs through a comprehensive yet efficient procedure that provides direct alignment with client-specific review / approval processes based on roles / responsibilities, type of change, and degree of testing required. Learn more


PAS-X Data Mining and Reporting

EnteGreat has developed a suite of proven utilities, processes, and methods which have been purpose-built to enable efficient access to Werum PAS-X data for analytics and data mining activities.  Being able to access and utilize production and quality data within PAS-X in an efficient manner with minimal or no impact to production system performance and without jeopardizing data integrity for regulatory compliance is critical to leveraging these important and valuable pools of data to identify and solve critical business problems. Learn more


PAS-X Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Having collaborated with Werum to define the PAS-X OEE module, EnteGreat thoroughly understands best practices for using PAS-X’s OEE capabilities.  To complement the PAS-X OEE best-in-class technology, EnteGreat has developed a purpose-built suite of Operational Excellence services which leverage EnteGreat extensive experience implementing OEE, KPI, and Operational Excellence programs across numerous industries.  These services provide best practices for the definition, implementation, adoption, entrenchment, and continuous improvement of Life Science OEE and Operational Excellence programs. Learn more

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